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About Company

Miss Hosting is part of K Hosting group and was founded in the beginning of 2012 with many years of experience in mission critical managed hosting services and dedicated servers solutions.Kamyana Web Inc. has been providing web hosting services and solutions since 2002 with customers around the globe.


Miss Hosting is setup with a unique focus on building cloud based services and dedicated server solutions. Our cloud based servers are located in UK and USA whereas our dedicated servers are placed in our Germany Data center.

Our office is based in newly opened state of the art building on Barrier Point Road, London. If you would like to visit our office, we would be happy to welcome you.


Cloud Solutions

We understand that technology is driving forwards and that the future of hosting technology is Cloud. There are several technical reasons why Cloud is better than other legacy hosting solutions but it is also a more economical solution. Resources are not wasted with cloud services because they can be shrunk and grown to fit the purpose. This also makes cloud a more environmentally friendly solution.


Quick Facts

  • Founded 202, Office in London UK
  • Focus solely on cloud based Infrastructure and dedicated server platform means we can innovate relentlessly.
  • Support is key to well managed infrastructure. Available 24/7
  • Investment in the best possible physical infrastructure and support teams to deliver what you need – performant, reliable servers and storage in the cloud at budget prices!
  • Partnerships allow us to offer a wide range of value-add, such as discounted licenses for cPanel, search engine optimization and web development from gurus.

You are in Control!

  • The heart of our offering; our comprehensive, powerful but easy to use control panel (GUI) allow us to offer all this at amazing prices. You are in full control at all times and we are here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can manage your billing account, cloud nodes or dedicated server through GUI
  • Remote Reboot, Console, Rdns setup, IP management all possible via our GUI.
  • Place new order, upgrade or downgrade packages, addon services all with just a single click.

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